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Frequently Asked Questions

    About My Account

  • Why am I having trouble signing in?

    This might be due to incorrect login details, because of incorrect Agent User Name/ Password, If you are facing this problem, please contact Ops Team immediately.

  • Can I allow someone else to use my Account?

    Your login credentials are confidential and should only be used by yourself. Sharing login credentials with any individual is not advisable. Please be aware that you are solely responsible for all the activities happening in your account. You can always create a sub agent under your login with right access you want to provide, for support on this, get in touch with our Sales/Ops team.

  • What if I forgot my password?

    If you forget your password, you need to click on Forgot Password option on the home screen or you can contact Our Sales/Ops team, will help you to retrieve the password.

  • General

  • What do I do when I have a question about the flight or hotel?

    You can call, chat or email us if you have any questions about flight & hotels or reservations. We will reply to your query as early as possible.

  • Whom can I contact if guests have a problem with the flight or hotel booking?

    You can contact us anytime. You can call us on our 24*7 helpline number (Ops Team) which will provide assistance.

  • What is the usual check-in time and check-out time?

    Ideal timings are as below. However, the times do vary from hotel to hotel and from Country to Country as every hotel has their own timings/policy to follow-
    Check in time: 14.00 hours (or later in some hotels).
    Check out time: 12.00 hours.

  • What are the differences between Room Type Standard, Superior, Deluxe, Junior Suite and Suite?

    Standard: A good quality, lower priced room at a hotel.
    Superior: A higher quality room compared to the standard room but still reasonably priced.
    Deluxe: These are normally the best equipped and appointed units in a hotel.
    Junior Suite: A hotel room that features a separate living-sitting area (although not a separate room), in addition to the bedroom.
    Suite: An accommodation comprising more than one room; occasionally a single large room with clearly defined sleeping and sitting areas.

  • What are Single, Double/Twin or Triple rooms?

    Single rooms are for one person. Twin rooms are for 2 persons (regardless if adult or child). Triple rooms are for 3 persons (regardless if adult or child).

  • Making Reservation

  • Can I make reservations on, without registering?

    No. You must be a registered agent in order to make bookings.

  • How do I make a booking?

    • Select a travel destination, dates and search. It’s that easy.
    • Filter for your preference and select the best flight for you.
    • Select your preferred payment method.
    • You have now successfully made a booking.
    • Follow the same flow to book hotels with FAREFOCUS.
    • Please make sure that the names of the travellers are correct, as your computer may have stored the details from a previous booking. In order to delete the history, you need to clear your cache/cookies which can be done in your settings on the Internet Browser.
  • If I do a search, how do I know whether the Flights or hotels are available or not?

    We only provide the available Flights or hotels in Search listing.

  • How do I know that my booking is confirmed?

    • You will receive a booking confirmation after you have successfully made a Flight or Hotel booking.
    • Once your payment has been successfully completed you will receive a Booking Form from FAREFOCUS.
    • Your Booking Voucher is the final confirmation of your Booking.
  • Your Booking Voucher is the final confirmation of your Booking.

    Nonstop flight gets you to your destination with no stops along the way.
    Direct flights, despite the name, will also take you to your destination, but may a stop elsewhere in between without you having to leave the airplane. Please note you may need a transit visa for these flights. A flight with a connection requires the passengers to change from one plane or airline to another at an intermediate point, called the connecting point, on the way to their destination.

  • Do I have enough connection time between my flights?

    Any connections offered by FAREFOCUS, is guaranteed by the airline that you are being offered enough time to connect from one flight to another.
    Distances between gates differ vastly from airport to airport. It is your responsibility to arrive at the gates on time.

  • What if you booked two or more separate tickets?

    Then the airline will not guarantee that the connection times are sufficient, or that you will be taken care off in the case of the delay.

  • Can I book a flight with a stopover?

    Yes, you can. Just book a multi city flight on our FAREFOCUSwebsite. Ensure you have the right visas for all stop overs.

  • Can I make a reservation for more than 9 passengers in the same booking?

    This is not possible on our website. Please contact our Groups Department For good rates to request a quote or speak to our Ops Team.

  • How do I book an unaccompanied minor?

    Please contact the airline directly to book a ticket for an unaccompanied child as we are not permitted to make these reservations.

  • What is the price difference for children/ minors?

    The price difference for children is always airline dependant. Generally, one can expect to pay about 25% less off the base fare of an adult price.

  • How do I travel with an infant / request a baby basket /SSR?

    Children under the age of 2 usually do not get their own seat. To make a request for a baby basket, Contact Ops Team to process this request.
    A service fee will apply to process this request.

  • How do I add additional baggage to my booking?

    To increase your baggage allowance, you can do this by contact with Ops Team or can do this directly on the airline's website by using your check-in/airline reference displayed on your e-ticket.

  • Payment

  • How do I pay for my booking?

    You can pay with:

    • Credit Card
    • Debit Card
    • Cash
    • Bank Transfer
  • I do not have a credit card. Can I still make bookings?

    Yes. You can either make a reservation using your balance by depositing the booking amount in our account, if you are a Cash agent. You can always contact Our Finance Team regarding the same.

  • Is my credit card secure through your site?

    Yes, your credit card information is secure on our website. Upon check-out, your details are directly sent to the bank. All of your information will not be stored anywhere, not in the FAREFOCUS.COM system and not in the bank servers. This will allow for maximum security.

  • Rates

  • Why has the rate changed since the last time I checked?

    Rates are dynamic and can change daily/hourly and as per the availability.

  • Will the rate change if I already have the confirmation?

    No. Once you receive the confirmation, the rate will not be changed.

  • If I already have a confirmation but later check and see the lower rate, can I get a refund?

    No. Rates are dynamic and can change daily/hourly and as per the availability, therefore, once your reservation is confirmed, rebooking and cancellation is totally subject to the booking cancellation policy.

  • Is your rate inclusive of taxes and service charges?

    All the rates displayed on our site are inclusive of applicable taxes and service charges other than the payment gateway charges.

  • Useful Information

  • When do I check in and at which terminal?

    Preferably, passenger should check in 3 hours prior to departure to avoid any unplanned events, however the below instructions are commonly known as well…

    • Domestic flights: 1 hour prior to departure.
    • International flights: 2 hours prior to departure.
    • Flights to and from USA: 3 hours prior to departure is recommended.

  • How much luggage can I take with me?

    The rules vary between airlines and destinations. The rules vary between airlines and destinations. Your baggage information is also available in your confirmation email. Please visit your airline website to find out more.

  • What am I not allowed to bring on board?

    Airline regulations differ and are constantly changing. For an accurate list of items that are not permissible on board kindly contact the airline.
    But it is commonly known that the below list is not allowed by most of the airlines…
    Liquids or gel bottles more than 100 ml.

    • Food and liquid drinks
    • Medicines and drugs: You can put medicines and drugs in your bag or in the Carry-On without committing to specific quantities but they must be shown upon inspection.
    • Lighters
    • Sports and professional equipment: There are things that need to carry an approval, such as medical needles and agricultural grains, liquids that are more than 100ml and want to carry in the shipping bag, they must be well packed.
    • Weapons and sharp objects.
    • Toxic materials or chemicals.
    • Flammable or explosive materials, such as spray and pressurized packaging.
    Be aware that there are things that are not allowed in the Checking Luggage and they must be placed in Carry-On Luggage, such as dry batteries, lithium, power-banks.
    According to the laptop, if you want to put it in the Checking Luggage, you must remove its battery and take it with you in Carry-On Luggage.

  • Will my luggage be checked through even though I have a transfer to my final destination?

    If you are travelling with the same airline the entire journey, your luggage is most likely to be checked through to your final destination.
    However, in some countries you need to re-check your luggage at the first stop in that country, for example in the United States, Thailand and South Africa.
    If you travel on two tickets in order to get to your final destination, please advise the check-in staff to find out if your luggage will be checked through.

  • Do I need a passport?

    You will need a passport for regional and international travel. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your return and some countries require that you have at least one blank page in your passport. Not complying with these rules will most likely cause the airline to deny you boarding.
    As visa regulations differ from country to country, please call the respective embassy directly. Please check with every relevant embassy as per your itinerary about their visa regulations. Please note that certain countries will require a visa even if you are only transferring in that country.

  • Do I need a Visa?

    As visa regulations differ from country to country, please call the respective embassy directly. Please check with every relevant embassy as per your itinerary about their visa regulations. Please note that certain countries will require a visa even if you are only transferring in that country.